I’m Emmia and I like to skateboard.


What is this?

This site is my research on Instagram, the social media platform, and online skateboarding content. Although there has been little research done on the online skateboarding community’s relationship with social media sites, something I have noticed as a skateboarder interested in consuming online skateboarding content is that Instagram offers a unique way of hosting skateboarding content that is more in conversation with the way the community operates outside of the digital world than other social sites. I engage with theories of new media as a framework for think about these relationships. I am especially interested in the theories of Lev Manovich, a media maker and scholar. And Iain Borden, an architectural historian interested in skateboarding.

Why A Domain Site?

This project exists on an online domain site because I want the form of the research to be complementary and in conversation with the content of the research. My aim is that this work adds to the conversation around visibility and representation in the skateboarding community and in an effort for inclusivity and acceptance I want this research to be accessible to as broad an audience as possible. However, because this project lives on an online domain, I took a risk. Unlike other scholarly models, like a research paper, I had to figure out how to adhere to the rigor of the scholarly world whilst not having many examples of how to do that. I ran into technical challenges, which is just the nature of working in an online space. I will say that I believe that the risk was worth taking and that I see it as a mirror to the fearlessness I admire in my fellow skaters. 

How To Navigate This Site?

This site is set up in order to be navigated through the menu bar above. Following the tabs from left to right, engaging in each drop down list accordingly will give you the closest narrative equivalent of an academic paper. Otherwise, gander as you like. Create your own narrative experience, maybe you will make connections or notice things that I could not. For this, there are commenting options on this page bellow, that allows you to engage with the information, and input your own ideas that you would like to share with me.


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